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22 Inspiring Ideas For Your Opinion Essay On Dress Code

When writing an opinion essay, one virtually has a free pass to say whatever they please, about any topic they feel like. While this is true, you do want to adhere to two simple rules about topic choosing, one, choose a topic that has lots of information available on it and two, choose one that you like. Do this and you are half way to easily completing an excellent paper.

Dress codes have always been an issue that has had a lot of effect on public conduct, both for friends hanging out and officers of the law. Even school children are not immune to its influence so its no surprise that this particular topic has received some attention from the media in recent times. The following is an interesting list of topics you can consider when trying to decide on a title for your opinion essay about the dress code:

  1. Why I believe that I should be allowed to dress and style myself however I please.
  2. What the way you dress says about your character and the type of person you are.
  3. What you see when you notice someone with holes in their clothing.
  4. The reason why clothing with holes has been fashionable at different periods through recent history.
  5. The ways in which dress style changes over years.
  6. How classical styles of dress have the ability to affect the way we perceive modern clothing.
  7. Why men in suits appear to be respectable.
  8. What does it mean when a woman chooses to dress like a man.
  9. Should there be any distinction between men and women clothing?
  10. Should nudists be allowed to be nude in public?
  11. Are establishment enforced dress codes a form of price discrimination?
  12. Should school children be allowed to wear casual clothing instead of uniforms?
  13. Are we one day going to all be wearing the same clothing?
  14. Would we have survived our school years if there was no dress code in place?
  15. Do students wearing uniforms have any benefit to their education?
  16. Can dress codes actually save the life of a student as claimed by some researchers?
  17. How has the change from no uniforms to full uniforms affected the public?
  18. Should body piercings and tattoos be allowed din schools?
  19. How do school uniforms prevent discrimination?
  20. Will the use of uniforms in school help reduce violence?
  21. Why are students against a standard dress code for schools?
  22. Are casual dress the main cause of sexual harassment in the workplace?

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