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Where To Search For An Example Of A Descriptive Essay: 5 Places To Check

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When you are searching for a sample there are many places where you can turn. Finding the perfect sample is tantamount to knowing exactly what you need to do for your particular assignment. It is for this reason and many more that locating a proper sample is important for many students.

So where can you look for an example of a descriptive essay?

  1. 1. The first place you want to look is the teacher who assigned you the task originally. The reason for this is that chances are they are particularly familiar with the task and they have given the same task too many students in the past. This means that they have multiple examples on hand which they can provide for you.
  2. 2. The second place you want to look is any English text book or writing guy that you have. Even if this particular assignment is not something required of you by your English class, English textbooks can still be a wonderful tool for locating examples applicable to other writing assignments. The textbook you have or the writing guide you have as your required subject texts for your English course could contain full or even partial examples throughout the text or in the back of the book which you can review and use as a tool for this particular assignment.
  3. 3. The third place you can look is a writing guide or writing articles contained in your school or public library. If you're unsure where these can be found you can always turn to the library and on staff and ask for systems locating the reference material you require. In some cases you may be unable to check out the material which simply means you have to scan and email a copy of the relevant pages to yourself or photocopy the relevant pages to take home.
  4. 4. The fourth place you can look is a writing club. There are many different organizations both on campus and off designed to help individuals like yourself improve their writing skills. You can turn to these locations to seek advice from other writers on how to improve your skill set and obtain examples.
  5. 5. The fifth place you can look is the Internet. The Internet is a vast treasure trove of samples so long as you know how to differentiate between those which are good in those which are bad. Good examples are those which come from academically related sources such as university websites.

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