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List Of Good Persuasive Essay Topics For College Students

Persuasive essays are an excellent type of college writing assignment that help develop a student’s ability to provide evidence in support of an argument or side on a debatable topic. The goal is to convince a reader that one point of view is more correct than its opposition. Here is a list of some really good debatable persuasive essay topics for your consideration:

  1. 1) Should any type of hate speech, no matter what the situation, be completely banned from college campuses?
  2. 2) Do you think that prisoners who have not been convicted of a violent crime should have the right to vote?
  3. 3) Do you believe that political parties should actively engage more with younger generations who aren’t yet allowed to vote?
  4. 4) Do you think that jargon has a place in language evolution or is it a case of language deterioration and should be opposed in all forms?
  5. 5) Should stiffer penalties apply if drivers honk their horns in cases where there is no emergency or threat on the road?
  6. 6) Do you think it is right to ban arranged marriages for cultures that have used the tradition for hundreds of years?
  7. 7) Do you think that college classes that start early are detrimental to a student’s rights to education? If so, what time do you think they should start?
  8. 8) Should stay at home moms receive some kind of support from the government (wages, benefits, etc.) for the work they do?
  9. 9) Is it right to keep a sperm donors identity anonymous or should there be a record that can be retrieved under specific conditions?
  10. 10) Do you think that rehab center for the elderly are abusive? Do they do more harm than good? What alternatives, if any, do you propose?
  11. 11) Do you find Google’s auto complete function to be offensive in any way or are people overly sensitive?
  12. 12) Do you think it is right for airlines to charge an excess weight fee on flights? Is this a violation of civil rights or discrimination?
  13. 13) Do you think that corporal punishment is good or harmful to the person being convicted? What about the public?
  14. 14) Do you think that texting while driving should have stiffer penalties or fines? Possibly even spending a few hours in jail?
  15. 15) With the rise of gun violence in schools, do you think that teachers or other faculty should be allowed to carry guns on campus?

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