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How To Write An Easy Essay: 3 Great Prompts

Writing prompts act as potential ideas for an essay. You can get ideas for all sorts of writing prompts in different subject areas and topics. You can get good prompts by doing some research online or by just looking around you. There are different prompts for different types of essay writing. For instance, there are expository essay prompts, persuasive essay prompts and narrative essay prompts to name a few. Just to help you get your creative juices flowing here are 3 writing prompts to help you get started.

  1. 1. Senior citizens should reapply for driver licenses when reaching a certain age. Many people tend to pick on older drivers with many of them retired from their jobs. A few are still capable of driving themselves to the grocery store or to the doctor for their regular appointment. But, few feel they pose a risk while driving on the road. Some drive too slowly (way under the posted speed limit), while others may hit the curb or another object when making turns or trying to Parallel Park. They may have eye sight issues that can be evaluated before it is too late.

  2. 2. Has Ebola really turned into an international crisis or are people still uneducated about it? The Ebola scare has caused a great deal of concern with a number of countries outside of Africa. There are healthcare workers at great risk for developing the illness since they are in close contact with those infected. What is really known about the disease and why are people panicking about it when it has been mentioned you are more likely to catch influenza instead?

  3. 3. Children earn allowance or spending money on a regular basis, even when their behavior is poor. Do you think this helps or hurts children when it comes to being financially responsible? Many people argue children are not yet responsible to even earn an allowance, but should their allowance be taken away when they choose to behave poorly? Some parents think their allowance has nothing to do with their actions. This may seem as if they are entitled to the money. Others feel kids should pay consequences for their actions, even if it means losing out on their allowance. Does this affect how children will be responsible for their actions or their spending habits?

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