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The Top 20 Funny Argumentative Essay Topics For High School

One of the most common essay assignments in high school English class is the argumentative essay. Rather than writing a straightforward argument, students can liven up their essay by using a funny topic. Teachers spend hours grading essays each week. Most of these essays have similar topics and writing styles. With a funny argumentative essay, students can make sure that their essay really stands out from the crowd. If the teacher is amused by the humorous essay, it can lead to a higher grade for the student. For ideas and topics, read the list of 20 funny argumentative essay topics.

  1. 1. Write about why the student deserves to be the teacher instead of the teacher.

  2. 2. Scientists should stop using scientific language so that the average person can actually understand them.

  3. 3. Grades should not matter when determining someone's intelligence.

  4. 4. Every high school student should be given free parking, coffee and pizza.

  5. 5. Instead of just fingerprinting criminals, police should also take ear prints and scan irises.

  6. 6. Men should never be allowed to wear skinny jeans in public.

  7. 7. Instead of men putting the seat down, women should have to leave the toilet seat up.

  8. 8. Reading books like Harry Potter should be banned because it encourages children to use magic.

  9. 9. Horror movies are a safe alternative to extreme sports for adrenaline junkies.

  10. 10. The thumb should be counted as one of the fingers.

  11. 11. Video games are a way to improve a student's vocabulary and boost their IQ score.

  12. 12. Police officers should hand out gift cards to drivers who follow the law.

  13. 13. Write about why people love to watch shark attack shows, but do not want to actually be attacked by a shark.

  14. 14. People should shoplift only at Walmart because it would cause Walmart to raise their prices.

  15. 15. People should be required to take off their hats at banks in order to prevent bank robberies.

  16. 16. Write about why country music is not actually music (or choose a different genre of music).

  17. 17. If cats were the rulers of the world, we would all live in a peaceful dictatorship.

  18. 18. Choose the worst song in the world and write why it should be considered the worst.

  19. 19. Talent at playing a video game is transferable to the real world.

  20. 20. Write about the reasons why people should love receiving email spam and advertisements.

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