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Coming Up With Catchy Expository Essay Topic Ideas

In an expository essay, the writer will study a field or idea, form an opinion on that field or idea, support that opinion, and then close with a summarizing statement. You are an explorer in whatever subject you chose in this style of writing. The paper requires you to do some research, but the good news is that you can write such a composition on almost any subject. Pick a subject that you enjoy and your job will be easier. If you absolutely cannot come up with a title, consider some of these ideas for your piece:

Topic Choices

If your teacher assigns an expository essay, never fear. Remember your job is to investigate and then write about the subject. You want to form ideas about it and then support the ideas. You are a detective of words. You will follow the normal formal rules for writing and always watch your grammar and spelling. If you are allowed to pick your topic, choose something you have an interest in. If you do not get to select your title, then use these ideas for topics.

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