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Twelve Great Essay Writing Prompts For 6th Grade Students

Often, while writing stories or essays; we are at a loss of ideas on how to start the piece. We pine for a catalyzing agent; lines which may trigger the piece towards a direction. These are called writing prompts.

Standard difficulty

6th grade students obviously do not get hard arduous pieces to write. Nonetheless, the essays may find them in dire straits without the benediction of writing prompts. Here are 12 writing prompts that may start them on their journey –

  1. The woods were dark when he crept in and suddenly everything became flashy. He had accidentally stepped on a couple of green glowing emeralds but there was a problem; the cobra slithering at arm’s length.

  2. The hangman’s noose may have appeared a garland to martyrs and freedom fighters in the past; it evocates terror in the minds of many potential criminals.

  3. It is in search of the bigger distant sea that he kept getting wrecked by life’s little rocks. He was repeatedly failing but the luster in his eyes never melted.

  4. Homework may seem proverbial demons for many; but for some, it is a necessary exercise for their overall development.

  5. The earth revolved at brazen pace around the Sun and I, chained and choked, sat in a single funereal place for 3 days; without food, without water; without hope.

  6. When his cruel uncle found out that he was being ushered with daily pots of food by a magical bird Kan Kan Kow; he killed and ate the bird, essaying an enticing story.

  7. There was nothing left to salvage but bones and ash. The embers in his heart corroded his innards and he lost track of other things; just one word – REVENGE.

  8. Writing a definition essay does not mean you have to place literally define the subjects; it asks for an absorption of the concept in your essay.

  9. While Rome was not built in day; it was not built in a century either. When you do work in a steadfast and resolute manner; you manage to do it within the deadlines.

  10. Seeing the body in the attic, he felt funny – the much awaited news was swept flat in his own house.
  11. Communication is what keeps lenders at a distance; warmongers in confusion and peaceniks with hope. It has greater merit as a weapon than a nuclear bomb.

  12. They say two heads are better than one; but then they also say, too many cooks spoil the broth. So much for argumentative essay.

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