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50 Great Persuasive Essay Topics For College Students

Persuasive essays are commonly assigned throughout middle school, high school, and college. No matter your age or academic level, there are some things that are always true when selecting a topic for your essay. The most important thing is that you decide on a topic that interests you. When speaking persuasively, your goal is to convince others to agree with your perspective or opinion. As such, it’s important to maintain a respectable and credible voice that is completely unbiased despite your feelings. Speak objectively and be sure to acknowledge the opposing side. If you’re having trouble brainstorming, here are some different topics for a great persuasive essay:

  1. 1. Should marijuana be legal? This is a highly debated topic, especially in light of recent events. Be sure to speak with facts no matter which side you’re defending so that you come off as genuine to the listener.

  2. 2. Should students have to wear uniforms? At what point does the dress code infringe on students’ freedoms?

  3. 3. Should a foreign language be required to study? Or should this be optional to the student? Why or why not?

  4. 4. Are gender roles necessary? Do they do more harm than good? How? Provide examples.

  5. 5. Should schools be single sex? Is it necessary to separate boys from girls or will this hinder normal social growth?

  6. 6. Should abortion be legal? At what age does a fetus become a human?

  7. 7. Should same-sex marriage be legal? Is it against equal rights to continue repressing homosexuals or does it go against the sanctity of marriage?

  8. 8. Should sexist advertising be banned? Do current advertising tactics further objectify women?

  9. 9. Do video games promote violence? Should the media censor violence from the public or does the promotion of it as taboo encourage children to behave more violently?

  10. 10. Should criminals be executed?

  11. 11. Should education be free?

  12. 12. How effective are standardized tests?

  13. 13. Should the drinking age be lowered to 18?

  14. 14. Should our nation have universal health care?

  15. 15. Should movie ratings be reevaluated?

  16. 16. Should the government have control over our diet?

  17. 17. Should schools teach religion?

  18. 18. Should animal testing be legal?

  19. 19. Should cigarette sales be banned from pharmacies?

  20. 20. Is there currently a war on bullying?

  21. 21. Should immigration be more legally controlled?

  22. 22. Should it be illegal to text and drive?

  23. 23. Are we too dependent on technology?

  24. 24. Should there be a cutoff driving age?

  25. 25. Is it appropriate for teachers and students to be friends on Facebook?

  26. 26. Is the internet ending the newspaper?

  27. 27. Should recycling be mandatory?

  28. 28. Has the freedom of press gone too far?

  29. 29. Should wearing a seatbelt be a legal matter?

  30. 30. Should students be required to take drug tests?

  31. 31. Should students have more freedom to express themselves?

  32. 32. Should birth control be free?

  33. 33. Should uncensored songs play at school functions?

  34. 34. Should prostitution remain illegal?

  35. 35. Should there be a fine for failing to recycle?

  36. 36. Should sports be unisex?

  37. 37. Should GPAs hold more weight?

  38. 38. Should sexual education be taught at school?

  39. 39. Where is the exception made for minors to be charged as adults?

  40. 40. Has airport security gone too far?

These are just a few ideas for you to consider when writing your persuasive essay. If you are writing this for a college level, try to pick a unique topic that is not often exercised. If you need, here are a few more ideas:

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