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What Are The Good Persuasive Essay Topics: 3 Questions To Answer Before Choosing One

Are you thinking of using a great topic for your persuasive essay? Do you think you are lagging behind because all your friends already have moved forward with the topic selection? Is there any specification that you should keep in mind for choosing a persuasive topic? Should your topic be able to answer any questions? If so what are the questions you should answer before choosing a final topic?

All your questions and many others can have a simple solution. Before you choose a topic for your essay, you need to think about three important questions. If your topic is able to answer these questions then you can go ahead and use it as your final topic. If your topic does not answer any one or two of these questions, you will have to edit and improve your topic so that it covers these questions. Remember that the topic selection is one of the most critical parts of writing an essay. The questions that you need to answer are:

  1. Does your topic follow your passion? This means are you passionate about what you are going to write my admission essay about. You need to be very selective with your topic, because if it is not something you are passionate about, you will most likely get lost in the middle. you will give up when you are half way through if the topic seems boring and monotonous
  2. The second important question you need to answer about your topic is whether your topic is unique? If you choose a topic that is not unique, there will be no point in making all the efforts. The topic will not be able to attract your audience and you will fail with the essay. A unique topic means it is your own idea that no one has used before. In addition, it should be unique in the approach. Do not rephrase someone’s idea and consider it your own.
  3. The third and most important question you need to answer for your topic is that whether this topic allow space for a persuasive argument? If the topic is too obvious or talks about a universal fact, it will not allow space for any argument. You need to convince your readers to your stance. If this is something, they already agree with, you will not have any space to convince them.

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