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Top 25 Suggested Topics For Your Next High School Research Paper

If you are studying in high school and need to think of various topics to use for a research paper then you may wish to look at some of the ideas that have been listed below. However, if after looking at the suggested topics below, you still cannot find something that you wish to use for your high school research paper then there are various other suggestions that you can use in order to think of good topics.

For example, you may wish to also one of your high school teachers if they can provide you with a list of topics: alternatively, you may also ask them if they have any past papers written by former students that they can let you look at. You can then read through these past papers so as to get some extra inspiration for your own work. Alternatively, you can look for past papers online.

  1. How are populations measured and to what degree of accuracy?
  2. A comparison of pollution in China and the United States
  3. The positive aspects relating to physical geography that make major cities so popular
  4. The benefits the advantages and disadvantages of doing homework whilst at high school
  5. What research is carried out by scientists at the North Pole?
  6. An analysis of different transport methods used in the local area
  7. How do journalists research information for stories and articles that they write?
  8. Should bullfighting be allowed?
  9. How do jet engines power airplanes?
  10. How do scientists identify new species of animals?
  11. An analysis of different number systems used throughout the world
  12. How does a clock work?
  13. How are leap seconds and leap years used in order to synchronize the time?
  14. How does a typewriter work?
  15. What is feminism?
  16. How prevalent is racism in the United States in the 21st century?
  17. The slave trade in the 21st century
  18. What is Stockholm syndrome and how likely is it to occur with people who have been kidnapped?
  19. How do musicians write songs?
  20. What does dissecting animals help us to learn about the human body?
  21. Why do drug companies carry out trials on animals?
  22. How does the human heart work?
  23. How do cartographers create maps?
  24. How long can humans survive without food or water?
  25. What is the purpose of sleep?
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