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4 Simple Ways To Sharpen Your Analytical Essay Writing Skills

You will be asked to write many essays along the course of your academic career. The last thing you want to happen is to sink under the tide of homework and papers because you aren’t prepared for what will be coming. You could actually spend some time now, before your essay is assigned, to increase your skills and become a really good writer for all your academic papers.

So you might be wondering how you could do that. If you haven’t been a highly skilled writer in the past, things are about to change. There are four basic and simple activities you can do starting today which will help you sharpen up your paper writing skills. First of all, you must understand what an analytical essay is all about.

What is involved in writing an Analytical Paper?

This type of paper requires you to make a type of argument. At this core of the argument lies the thesis statement. Basically, it is your claim on a certain topic. It is stated concisely in one single sentence. Break your topic into sections and provide data or evidence to support the claim you are making.

How to become a better paper writer

Your skills as a writer can be exercised and improved, just like physical exercise makes our bodies stronger. Doing these exercises for writing on a regular basis will increase the skills you will have for writing great papers. Here are the four ways:

  1. Practice gathering information. After you’ve chosen a topic, go to the library and practice finding relevant resources. Read through some of them and learn what you can about how other people write papers in the same field of study as you. Read newspaper articles, academic articles, books, papers and all sorts of publications.
  2. Take notes on what you’ve read. You can do this by writing or typing, it doesn’t matter. This part of the exercise helps you draw out main ideas and then organize them into a logical pattern. This type of activity helps your brain expand and learn how to find, analyze and organize ideas.
  3. Write. Do lots of writing. Do it in many different genres and fields of study. It doesn’t have to be anything you ever hand in to a teacher, but the activity of writing in itself will help you become a better writer.
  4. Be critical of your own work. Ask for feedback from others. Analyze what you’ve written and how you could improve it.

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