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Avoiding Low-Quality Essay Examples: 5 Useful Suggestions

Essay writing is one of the most common assignments students attempt during their academic careers. They start writing such assignments since early grades. The types of essays in the earlier grades are simple and short. The complexity and length of these assignments increase as they promote to higher grades. They start writing argumentative, persuasive, descriptive, comparison, cause and effect, research papers, process, and analysis essays when they promote to higher grades. Sometimes if a student is not familiar with the kind or type of essay then they look for someone who can help them write their essay. Usually all essays follow the traditional format starting with the introduction paragraph where they need to present their topic. The next thing after the introduction paragraph is the body of your paper. This is where you develop your major arguments and include supporting evidence for each argument. The number of body paragraphs and the major arguments in your paper stay the same. Finally, you need to conclude your paper in the final paragraph where you precisely describe everything you have discussed so far.

Students often face trouble in completing their academic assignments on their own. They seek help from professional writers and agencies who charge a certain fee for the paper. Not all agencies and writers you find will be reliable. You need to make sure that you choose the right person for your paper and stay away from low quality service providers. If you do not know how to distinguish between a low quality service providers than that of a reliable website then you need to read below.

Here are five suggestions to help you evaluate your decision on choosing the right person or company for your paper

  1. 1. Reasonable pricing
  2. A professional company will neither charge you very high or very low for the paper. If someone offers to deliver you an academic assignment in a very cheap price then you must be careful. They might sell you low quality papers loaded with grammatical and spelling mistakes.

  3. 2. Native writers
  4. Professional writers should be native. You should not fall for someone who is an overseas writer or outsources your task to third world countries.

  5. 3. Customer testimonials
  6. The best way to analyze the quality of a service provider is seeing what their customers say about them

  7. 4. Portfolio samples
  8. Professional websites will not hesitate to show you their portfolio samples to check the quality of their writing

  9. 5. Plagiarism free assignments
  10. The paper you receive should be 100 percent unique and free of plagiarism

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