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List Of Discursive Essay Topics For High School Students

The goal of a discursive essay assignment is to provide an objective and balanced examination or analysis of a given subject. Usually, high school students see this kind of assignment because it helps develop their abilities to present information without being overly argumentative. Here is a list of some really good discursive essay topics for high school students to consider for their own assignment or to use as inspiration for developing their own topics:

  1. How important is using proper English grammar in every day spoken dialogue? What evidence is there to support your view on this subject and what do grammar experts have to say about the matter?
  2. As societal and cultural changes have prompted more people to wait longer for marriage or have made decisions to remain unmarried, so too have views changed about premarital sex. Do you think that premature sex is really a matter of national concern in the U.S.?
  3. How important is to protect all forms of speech under the first amendment? What about cases of hateful speech directly targeted to specific peoples or communities?
  4. Do you think the rules concerning the right to practice whatever religion should only apply to established institutions and not to individual people? What are the problems with allowing individual religious freedom?
  5. How safe is online shopping versus traditional in-person methods? Do you believe there are enough securities in place to protect today’s online consumer or are risks still high for the average person?
  6. Do you think that parents with more than one child should have to pay additional taxes? Consider the number of breaks families receive compared to the simple fact they also are likely to use more public works.
  7. What are the most important social activities that schools should prioritize in terms of funding and development?
  8. As a controversial method of saving on the high costs of health care, do you think that insurance companies should have the right to deny coverage for senior citizens who have reached a certain age?
  9. Do you think that a single parent should be held more or less responsible for a child’s actions than two person parents have over their child’s actions?
  10. What evidence is there in support of mandatory school uniforms as a means to improve and promote learning in high schools? Do you think this is a violation of individuality?

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