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Tips For Topic Selection: How To Come Up With An Interesting Subject For My Essay

Whether you are required to write an essay as your class assignment or for your college admission, the topic you choose is the critical step in determining its success. Your essay topic depends on many other factors in addition to why you are writing it. Different types of essays call for different topics. A process analysis essay, for instance, will require a topic very different from the one that is needed for an exposition. A persuasive essay topic will differ from a descriptive essay topic, and so on. One thing, however, remains a prerequisite: Your topic should be interesting for the reader to take the trouble to read through it. Here are a few tips about how to do just that:

  1. 1. Your own interest is paramount: There is no better criterion for a good essay than that of your level of interest. Your curiosity, position, or passion for something can make any essay shine like a star.

  2. 2. Keep your eyes and ears open: Topics whirl around you; you can spot one if you keep your eyes open. Topics that get a rise out of you, ones that you cannot stop yourself debating and arguing on, are the ones that make the best essay topics. Current events give rise to discussions that are popular with people and can be good essay topics.

  3. 3. Magazines and newspapers: Go through magazines and newspapers to learn about new and interesting debates and discussions going on in the media. These will always catch the eye of your reader.

  4. 4. Avoid common topics: Debates that have been done to death are not likely to make interesting topics for an essay. Imagine a teacher who has read a hundred and one essays on the topic of abortion rights or sexism. Would they be excited to go through yours?

  5. 5. Avoid topics that are too obscure: A topic that interests you can be spun into a good essay if you can write captivatingly. It is, however, better to avoid risking it if you can write about something that intrigues most people.

You can also go online to find lists of good essay topics. Some of the lists have really good ideas on them. For even better ones, speak to a writing service representative. These agencies employ professional writers to come up with topic ideas and to write essays for their clients.

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