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Useful Directions For Writing A Descriptive Essay Example About A Place

The most painful thing to sit through is someone attempting to explain a situation or location to a group of people with either no information or when the information is boring and non-descriptive. Without using precise and descriptive terms, a student’s essay can just become another boring run of the mill story that no one remembers. In order to write a quality descriptive essay, the following steps should be taken:

Put The Reader In Your Shoes

If someone was writing the story for a student to listen to, would that student pay attention? The best descriptive essays come when a writer can put the audience into their shoes when telling any type of story.

Can You Close Your Eyes?

If a writer were to have a student close their eyes while they read the story, the student should hope to have it be a descriptive tale otherwise they will be lulled off into slumber where the dreams can be more descriptive. If a writer has not made their reader feel like they too have eaten far too many slices of pizza, they have not done well enough to consider their essay a solid descriptive one.

Compare and Contrast

When writers compare and contrast the events in their story to something historical, the reader often feels more engaged or understands what is being portrayed. This allows the writer to find a way to connect their audience in any manner they seem fit for their essay.

Enhanced Vocabulary

A thesaurus can be a writers best friend, especially when it comes to something such as a descriptive essay. Writers should utilize more vivid terms such as frigid over cold and

Read It Back

As always, the best way to know if the essay makes sense, especially when it is a descriptive one, is to have someone read it back to you. If the writer now closes their essays and attempts to imagine the tale the new reader is telling, they must ensure it is being read to them exactly as they want it to be told. This is the best way to ensure that a descriptive tale makes someone’s fingertips feel frozen when describing a snowstorm or the feel of having sat in front of a warm fire and the end of shoveling a driveway.

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