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An Academic Tutorial That Will Help You Come Up With Strong Middle School Essay Topics

One of the secrets to building a solid educational foundation in young students is to develop great writing skills. It’s important to develop a positive habit of regular writing. This can be aided, of course, with fun and interesting writing assignments that get you to want to write each day. Here is a short tutorial on how to come up with strong essay topics for your middle school experience:

Consider your likes and dislikes.

By the time you are in middle school you have probably developed some sense of personality that helps you define the things you like and dislike. Use these as starting points to developing an opinion that could form the basis of an essay. For example, do you like sports? If so, why? If not, why not? Simple questions around the things you like and don’t like will make for great topics you can get passionate about.

Be creative with your ideas.

There will come a time in your academic career when you aren’t given too many options when it comes to your essay topic. Take the opportunity to write on the things you wish and have a little fun. You’ll still need to meet requirements of proper grammar, spelling, syntax, etc. but you can certainly be creative with your topic ideas. If you want to write about super-heroes or far-away lands, do so.

Read often and ask questions.

This isn’t an assignment. It is some great advice you can use to come up with great essay topics. Read your assignments. Read summaries. Read opinion pieces. Read all you can about topics that interest you and ask questions. Just because something is published doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ask questions and find faults in arguments.

Read Web headlines.

You spend so much time on the internet, might as well get some information from it. Visit news summary pages to find out what topics are current and trending. Anything that is familiar to you will likely be familiar to others in your class. Challenge yourself and read about topics you aren’t familiar with.

Get social and join the conversation.

A great way to create strong and interesting essay topics is by joining the online community and discussing general topics with others. The key is that you participate as much as possible. Offer opinions, responses and more. Just thinking about what you have talked should generate several great topics.

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