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How To Compose A Decent 800-Word Argumentative Essay

It can be a challenge to write an 800 words argumentative essay. This is because you will need to put your ideas in a logical and persuasive prose. And unlike what some students think, argumentative essays are not only about writing a piece that make a claim and trying to persuade by showing evidence and creating a convincing argument; There are special skills that you will need to ensure that your essay remains top notch. Here are a few tips that you will need to put into practice.

Choose a topic

A good essay should have a narrow and clear focus. Therefore, you should avoid handling too much information at the same time. Find the necessary information on the topic. This may sound obvious but if you begin writing before you can get all the necessary information, you will get to a point where you will hit a wall. Therefore, you need to begin by finding the most up to date information as this will ensure that you have something engaging and original.

Write a 2 sentence thesis

The thesis will be your main argument and should be presented in a way that informs the reader about the topic that you are discussing. You must ensure that you have an argument that is provable or persuasive. Use the information that you find during your research.

Plan for the essay

When making a claim argument, you should show in paragraphs that are separate but connected logically, the progression of the argument from the beginning to the end. You can clarify different sections using subheadings.

First paragraph

Start by introducing the topics to enable the reader grasp what you are discussing and the claim you are about to make. Include the thesis statement that you developed earlier in the paragraph. One of the best ways of putting your points across is by the use of simple and short sentences.


Write through the essay and take each paragraph at a time. To help your essay to build well, use words such as “However”,” therefore” and “consequently”. This will also enable you to transit from one paragraph to the other.


You should give a retrospective overview of your essay. Avoid telling the reader just what he or she has read. You can use phrases such as “like I have shown” or “like we have seen”. You can choose to conclude your essay with words and phrases that you used in the introduction, Remember to proofread your work.

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