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A List Of Unique Persuasive Essay Topics To Try Out

Writing a persuasive essay gives you an opportunity to impress both your teachers and peers. If you choose a relevant, original, and interesting topic, you will be able to show what an intelligent and extraordinary person you are.

Here are a few prompts that can inspire you to write a truly outstanding essay:

  1. 1. Students’ smartphones should be used as teaching aids at schools.
  2. Smartphones are extremely popular today and it is impossible to deny the fact that they can be used for educational purposes as well as entertainment. Teachers should consider this when they design lesson plans and help students find applications that will assist them in studying.

  3. 2. Should community service be mandatory for everyone?
  4. On one hand, this will make community service useless as a form of punishment. On the other hand, this will improve the quality of life in the community and help people form stronger bonds with their neighbors.

  5. 3. Should elderly people receive more subsidies from the government?
  6. This essay will require you to look up some statistics and do a bit of calculating. Determine whether the current level of subsidies for the elderly is sufficient, define sufficient, and offer logical arguments that support your opinion.

  7. 4. Teens should be taught a mandatory parenting class in schools.
  8. Will this help build a happier society? What exactly should be taught in this class?

  9. 5. School clothes regulations clash with the students’ constitutional rights.
  10. Can the school really demand you dress or not to dress in some particular manner? What are the limits of the restrictions that can be set by the school administration? What is the effect of uniform on personality development?

  11. 6. Cholesterol isn’t as dangerous as supplement manufacturers make it out to be.
  12. There are dozens of dietary supplements that specialize in reducing your cholesterol level, and even more articles on the dangers of cholesterol that are either posted or paid for by the manufacturers of these particular products. Write the truth about this substance in your essay.

  13. 7. Vegetarians are healthier than those who eat meat (or vice versa).
  14. Research some biology and health sources to be sure that the information you present in the essay is accurate.

  15. 8. Intelligence is determined by the environment more than by genetics.
  16. This is an essay based on the classical question of “nature vs. nurture”. Find some solid evidence to support your opinion.

  17. 9. Racial insults should be illegal.
  18. Explain how this can help reduce the level of racial discrimination.

  19. 10. Schools should have sports teams that include both boys and girls.
  20. Will this help promote the idea of equality between genders?

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