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Academic Writing Help: 1984 Essay Topics for College Students

1984 by George Orwell is one of the most significant novels of the 20th century. Writing an essay about it should be easy as there are so many issues one can discuss. If you struggle to come up with an interesting and original topic for this assignment, study at the following list of prompts:

  1. 1. The rebellion of Julia and Winston.
  2. This should be a compare and contrast essay focused on the methods both these characters used to rebel against the Party. Where would their paths lead if they haven’t met each other?

  3. 2. Is the Party indestructible?
  4. One of the leading ideas of the novel is that the Party managed to create a truly perfect and indestructible political system. Is it really so? Study the examples of dictatorships from history and compare them to the system developed by the Party.

  5. 3. The role that technology plays in Oceania.
  6. Technological progress in the country was intentionally stinted by the Party. Why so? Did this really help maintain the current dictatorship regime? Is it possible to take complete control of technology?

  7. 4. Big Brother in the lives of people and the country.
  8. Big Brother plays an important role in the story and the purpose of this essay is to define this role. In fact, you should define the roles he plays in the lives of the characters, the Inner Party, and the common folk of Oceania.

  9. 5. Doublethink in real life.
  10. The very concept of “doublethink” is self-contradictory and seems impossible to any intelligent and independent person. How did the Party manage to ingrain this method of thinking in the minds of millions? Can this be achieved in a real life situation?

  11. 6. Newspeak analysis.
  12. Analyze the language created by the Party and the methods used to spread it among the populace. Do you know similar examples from history? What kind of role did newspeak play in building the power base of the Party?

  13. 7. Horrors of the Ministry of Love.
  14. Analyze the methods used by the Ministry of Love and the reasons it was named this way. How did this help in destroying the very concept of love and affection in the society?

  15. 8. Degradation of familial ties in 1984.
  16. Analyze the family relationships shown in the novel. How did the situation come to this? What methods were used to destroy one of the strongest connections people have since birth?

  17. 9. Spies: The future of the nation.
  18. How did the establishment of Spies affect the society described in the novel? Analyze the methods of emotional control over children.

  19. 10. The role of O’Brien.
  20. Analyze both the role that O’Brien plays in Winston’s life and his role in the Party as a whole.

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