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How To Write An Essay For Dummies: Advice From An Expert

You will have to write many essays if you are enrolled in school. It is one of the most frequently used evaluation tool because it makes the student utilize the things that they have learned. If you need that expert advice that can make writing essays easy, here is the advice that you have been looking for.

Deciding on a topic

When it comes to choosing a topic, you want to make sure that you choose something that you find interesting, something that is relevant, and a unique topic will give you an edge. You can write a better paper on a topic that you find interesting. It obviously has to be relevant because that is the whole reason why you are writing the paper. A unique topic is a good way to give your paper an edge. Your instructor will give you credit for finding a unique topic to write about. Plus, you don’t have to write a better paper than every other paper that she has read on the topic to get a great score.

Five paragraph essay format

The best format to use for most essays is the five paragraph essay format. It begins with an introduction which will give some background information on the subject that you are writing about and to introduce the topic. The thesis statement should be included as well in this section. The thesis is the main point and it will be what the focus of your paper is. The next section is the body of your paper. It will consist of three paragraphs and each of these should be a different reason why your thesis statement is true. You will complete your paper with the fifth paragraph which is the conclusion. It will wrap your paper up and make your whole paper come together.

Creating your thesis

The thesis is the main part of your paper. It will be what you are writing the entire paper on. The thesis is one statement that you will want to make about your subject and should have three reasons to prove it. It can be any statement that you want to make that has the three reasons to support it and will be what you will focus on. It can be as easy as “a thesis statement is important because it tells what the paper is about, it gives you something to focus on, and it tells something important about your topic. After finishing the paper, check if it sounds good, use an online tool to read my essay to me out loud.

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