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How To Write A Very Good Descriptive Essay Easily: A Basic Manual For Dummies

Descriptive essay is a good start for new learners as this form of essay is free of complications. It is a detailed study of a person, place, object or a thing.

Structure of a descriptive paper

A descriptive essay has four steps

  1. Introduction
  2. A thesis statement
  3. Three body paragraphs
  4. Conclusion


One should have to observe deeply to write in detail. Whether your topic is a small needle or a huge ground, you have to observe it very intensely to know which details are important.

Creating a vivid image

When you are writing an essay, you should keep in mind the reader’s interest. Write in a much-explained way. Also, add the physical descriptions like colors, size etc. use a poetic way to describe the subject.

Selecting a topic

Select a topic that is of your interest so that, you could write on the topic.

Start from a rough draft

Rough draft will be helpful in taking a start. If you stuck somewhere in writing, then start from anywhere. Create an outline before getting on to final draft.


This is the step, where you take your pen and remove unnecessary information.

Using five senses

Using your senses means to write in such a way that reader could visualize the scene.

Creating a thesis statement

Thesis statement tells the purpose of writing your essay. It is your opinion about the subject.

Giving headings and sub-headings

Headings will improve the presentation. If a reader comes to your paper and he is looking for a specific topic, then it would be helpful for him to find.

Adding your personal experience

It will help in making it more real. It helps in engaging the reader so that he could imagine the scene.

Proving your thesis statement

You have three paragraphs in the body to prove your thesis statement. Give evidences and references to prove your thesis statement.

Provide details

Associate your emotions and feelings about the subject. Use similes, metaphors and personifications. Like beautiful, bad, stinky or smells like roses. For example

Introductory statements

Always give an introductory line on the starting of every paragraph.

Read aloud

It helps in correcting your mistakes.

Ask someone else to help

You could ask your teacher to read your assignment for help.

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