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World Hunger

Many people might not believe the fact that about twenty four thousand people die every single day from hunger and other hunger related infections, despite the fact that there is sufficient food in the world which can feed the entire world population. However, due to the fact that this food is grown in first world nations such as United States, it involves huge expenses such as packaging costs and transportation and supplies charges before it reaches the nations which require it.

Causes of World Hunger

Food crises occur in several nations because they have insufficient productive land as a result of hard soil, extreme temperatures as well as insufficient sources of water. Although artificial land is been generated through continued advancing in technology, this land is not sufficient and most of times is not used effectively. The production methods are too not effective and thus the problem food scarcity has remained to be a national disaster in many countries especially in third word.

Another factor that has fueled the severity of world hunger is then economic conditions of the developing nations. Most times, people have nothing or do not earn sufficient income to afford the little available food in the market. The flow of funds out of the nation hurts the ability of the government and the economy to develop the nation. In fact, the poorest nations in the world owe debts of billions of dollars to most developed nations. This limits the government ability to use funds in developing the local conditions.

Impacts and Remedies to World Hunger

In situations of food scarcity, groups of terrorist attempt to acquire sufficient food which results to civil wars. To make the matter worse, the persistence of the civil unrest leads to long-term hunger. The problem of civil unrest frequently stops food aids from reaching those regions where is required. As a result, long-lasting severe food crisis persists which leads to deaths.

World hunger crisis can be eradicated through educating people, particularly women. This is because, through educating people the causes of food crisis in their country and the possible remedies can assist solve the crisis more easier and faster way. People should as well be educated on the modern methods of food production and efficient utilization of land. It is very important to equip people with skills which will enable them to acquire well-paying white-collar jobs. Through education, people will be able to acknowledge and adapt to advances on technology such as broad application manufactured fertilizer and the fast growth in mechanization.

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