One Step Closer

Legalizing Gay Marriage

As of 2015, thirty-six states have made gay marriage legal, while fourteen others still have a ban in place on gay marriage. Most of the states that have a ban on gay marriage are southern states with the expectation of Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Michigan, and North and South Dakota. One of the main reasons that these states don’t want to legalize gay marriage is because of religious views or other views on two men or two women marrying. This makes it difficult for gay people to live in these states because they are discriminated against on a daily basis and are not give the rights that other married couples have.

When you love somebody, you want to marry them but if you are gay then you have a harder time doing this and we have made so great head way in the fight for legalized gay marriage in the United States but we still have some work to do. Most people look at the gay rights movement as the civil rights movement and it has some of the same events that can relate. When states started to legalize gay marriage in 2004 it was like when slavery was abolished, many states started to follow suit since then to legalize it in their states but there are some that are holding out, which is why gays are still fighting.

They are fighting for their civil rights as the African Americans did when there was segregation in the South. Legalizing gay marriage is not a step in the wrong direction but it a right that all citizens of the United States should have, you should be able to marry the person you love no matter the gender. Most of the arguments that anti gay marriage people make are invalid and are based on fact. One of the main arguments is that it makes heterosexual marriages less meaningful or that it doesn’t respect the sanctity of marriage. Both of these arguments are made by people that are bigots to gay marriage and don’t understand what it is like to be this community of people that don’t have rights.

African Americans had to fight for the rights that they have today. Women have also had to fight for their rights as well. Now it is time for the gays to fight for their right. If they don’t fight for their rights to marry like these other groups then there won’t be a change.

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