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How To Choose Good Informative Essay Topics: A Quick Guide

When writing an informative essay, students are actually doing an expository paper. Both of these writing styles are essentially the same thing. With an expository paper, the student describes how something is done. In comparison, an informative appear will inform about a topic. This common English class assignment may be written in formal or informal styles.

Read the Prompt

Before the student can even consider the topic, they should carefully read through the prompt. Within one or two paragraphs, the professor will detail exactly what they expect out of the assignment. They may detail specific topics, length requirements or writing styles. Once a student has read the prompt, they should cut it out and tape it next to their computer screen. During the writing process, it is easy to forget the initial prompt. As the student writes the document and once the writing process is finished, they should read and reread the prompt to make sure that their writing fulfils the assignment.

Choosing a Topic

If the teacher has not assigned a research topic, it will be up to the student to find a subject. Unlike analytical papers, an informative essay will generally just inform the reader. It will not argue a specific thesis or try to persuade the audience. Instead, it just provides useful, valid information about the topic. Students should consider different subjects, inventions, historical figures or events that they want to learn more about. If the student finds an interesting topic, they will have an easier time researching and writing about it.

The best topics will be chosen by the student. On occasion, students may find it impossible to think up a topic on their own. If this is the case, the following list of topics can be used as a starting point. Students can use these ideas during their brainstorming session or they can write about the exact topic.

  1. 1. The Dust Bowl and the Great Depression
  2. 2. Prostitution in the United States
  3. 3. Effects of Tanning on Physical Health
  4. 4. The Holocaust and Nazi Concentration Camps
  5. 5. Dangers of Texting and Driving
  6. 6. Gender Roles in Shakespearean Plays
  7. 7. Stress' Impact on the Body
  8. 8. Discovering the Titanic and Other Stories of Finding Sunken Treasure
  9. 9. Organ Donation
  10. 10. Procrastination and Personal Stress Levels
  11. 11. Intergenerational Poverty
  12. 12. Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery
  13. 13. The Creation of the Serial Killer
  14. 14. Obesity and Brown Fat
  15. 15. Martin Luther King and the Civil Rights Movement
  16. 16. Dangers of Puppy Mills
  17. 17. Nutrition
  18. 18. Interior Architecture and Design
  19. 19. Steve Jobs and the Development of Apple
  20. 20. The Founding Fathers

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