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Online Writing Help: The Top 20 Topics For Argumentative Essays

Argumentative essays are the most commonly assigned essays for students in high school and college. Because there are so many argumentative essays assigned, it can be difficult for students to pick a unique topic that is interesting to write about and for teachers to read. Here are a 20 of the best topics for students who need to write an argumentative essay:

  1. 1. Abortion: Essay about both of the abortion sides have been dominating argumentative essays for decades.

  2. 2. Stem cell research: Again, like abortion, this controversial topic is huge for students.

  3. 3. Animal rights: Students often write about how animals are used for laboratory testing.

  4. 4. Genetically modified food: This topic has become very popular with all of the media about how food manufacturers alter food as we once knew it.

  5. 5. Death penalty: This has been a top topic for years, but the media attention about this topic has dwindled.

  6. 6. Human trafficking: This topic, like genetically modified food, has been quite popular lately. There have been several fiction books written about this topic, so students are becoming more aware of it.

  7. 7. Legalizing drugs: Since marijuana is legal in many states, this topic is not as relevant as it used to be.

  8. 8. Drinking age: Students enjoy this topic, no matter what side they choose to argue.

  9. 9. Cloning: There is plenty of research to support the arguments for and against cloning.

  10. 10. Standardized testing: As schools struggle with managing all of the required testing, students are dedicated to arguing about this topic.

  11. 11. Online privacy: When students are unsure about a topic to choose, this is a good one to steer them towards, especially since they do not know much about their own online status.

  12. 12. Cyberbullying: The argument is not for or against it, but what people should do to stop it from happening.

  13. 13. Immigration: This topic tends to vary based on where the students live as those who live in the middle of the country are not affected by this as much as those who live along the borders.

  14. 14. War: This topic is always interesting to read.

  15. 15. Violence in the media: Because this topic was so controversial years ago, there is plenty of new research to support all sides of the issue.

  16. 16. Racism: It can be a difficult topic to research, but the learning is invaluable.

  17. 17. Global warming: This is like cyberbullying, where students tend to argue what can be done to stop it.

  18. 18. Minimum wage: Students enjoy this one because they can relate to it.

  19. 19. Euthanasia: Students do not know the word, but once they do they are fascinated by it.

  20. 20. School uniforms: This is like minimum wage, because students can relate, they love the topic.

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